About us

Offbeat Destination's Provider

We are a small company based in Uttrakhand (UK) and Delhi which delivers outstanding adventure travel experiences in Uttrakhand (UK).

We have variety of offbeat destination in Uttrakhand (UK), rocky mountains, Swanky valleys, zigzagging rivers, dense forests, wild life, Jungle camp, river camping.

We have a wonderful team of highly experienced and motivated professionals. Our team explores the best opportunities available. They handpick the most unique, unknown & also local experiences from authentic operators.

If you are sick and tired with traditional holiday packages, here you can check out our unexplored places in Uttrakhand. Mind you, here you won't get any room service and no special attention :) only thing you will get here is thrilling fun, Jungle, River, Mountain, Wild life and memories you will always keep with yourself.

OffbeatUk Team

We are a crazy team of highly knowledgeable, intellectuals and creative minds with the experience of more than 13 years in top travel companies, realized that we could make the way of travel safe, adventures and better than the rest. Soon the idea became a new trip. Since we are from the Uttrakhand and there is always a motivation and curiosity to do something for UTTRAKHAND. It was killing when we have seen how people are migrating from UTTRAKHAND to some other places. Hence idea came to do something for the People and for Uttrakhand.