Homestay (Kanda, Bageshwar)

In the homestay, you not only get to visit a place and destination, you get to really live. You see how the locals live their lives – something that is almost impossible to do when staying in other types of accommodation where you won’t get any room service.

Rural Opportunity for Social Elevation (R.O.S.E.) is a small self help group from the Kanda Rural/ Eco/community based tourism at Village-Sunargaon with the collaboration of - Jeevan Paying Guest Unit (JPGU) Sunargaon service provided since 1988 to hosted 9 International visitors group. On 17th April 1999 JPGU registered under the Paying Guest scheme of U.P. State Government Tourism Department, now in Uttarakhand State.

Kanda which offered the perfect combination of volunteering and an experience of traditional rural Indian life at not too high a cost. R.O.S.E. (Rural Organization for Social Elevation) is a genuine immersion experience for adventurous travellers who want to indulge in another culture without eroding traditional, local values.

We run projects all year round, for people who want to experience life in rural India and the foothills of the Himalayas. These activities involve teaching at ROSE Public School, Organic farming and construction, Film Shooting, Photography, Videography , Nature walk, Biodiversity watching, Ecotourism , Educational tourism, Homestay. Hobby farms, Tourists/Volunteers are able to live with the family and learn about our culture with enjoying the nature.



My name is Jeevan Lal Verma, I was born in the village of Sunargaon, which is in the Kanda, Bageshwar District of the Kumoan region in Uttarakhand, North India. I studied in Inter College Kanda, ITI Training Almora and National Apprenticeship at Scooters India limited Lucknow after I had finished my studying and visiting life in the city I decided to do social work within my village. I felt called to social work because I had a helping nature, I had always suffered from a lack of money, but my soul told me to serve the local community. I made it my hobby to connect to the whole of the world, so I participated in many training projects, workshops, visits and conferences by the youth leadership and as a social activist.



Adults : INR 1600 per night with all meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Child : INR 1200 per night with all meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Child should be less than 7 yrs.


Season Rate (15Apr To 30Jun)

Adults : INR 2000 per night with all meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Child : INR 1500 per night with all meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Child should be less than 7 yrs.



Nearest Railways station: Kathgodam/ Haldwani (Direct train from Delhi)

Nearest Airport: Pantnagar (Direct flight from Delhi) and Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport



We also provide a guide for our guests for their journey to Kanda we do provide escort services. Our volunteer shall meet you at the designated place and will accompany you to our Home. For this special service, you will have to pay the charges as described along with the heads below. These services are available from following places:

New-Delhi to Kanda: INR 5000 PER TRIP

Haldwani to Kanda: INR 3000 PER TRIP

Above cost doesn’t  include transport fee.



Lodging & boarding:

Simplicity is what you would see and get in all the activities of your day-to- day living as you stay with us. We have kept in mind the hygiene needs while planning for our guests’ requirements. As a guest you would be provided with:

A room with traditional settings on single or sharing basis depending on the availability and the need.

Hygienically cooked vegetarian Kumauni food. Kumauni food is similar to food served elsewhere in northern India. For, non-vegetarian food one has to request in advance.

A clean traditional dry-composting or wet-compositing toilet.

Our Food:

We shall serve you our home cooked vegetarian food and it will be mostly from the ingredients grown locally .There is a tradition of two main meals in hill region of Uttrakhand. One full meal late morning around 9-10 am as the day goes in doing daily chores in the field or their respective work routines this is followed by light evening tea around 4.00 & 5.00 pm with some snacks and an early dinner between 7.00 & 8.00 pm as the village goes to sleep early. But now-a-days, eating habits are changing as per modern living so do get a three daily meal system in villages also.

In other words you will share all the same amenities as the family enjoy. Your only other expenses will be for personal shopping when you go to the local market or on excursions with the family or on your own.



If you run out of money during your stay, the closest ATM (cash machine) is located in Bageshwar (1h bus ride from Kanda) and the nearest place for changing money is The State Bank of India in Almora (5h bus ride from Kanda). Do not expect to change more than £60 or a $100 at a time. Visas/Credit Cards are not accepted.



To make your trip planning easier we share some of our thoughts on:


Besides your basic personal clothing we suggest following cloths based on the weather and experiences of our past guests

For summers:

As the temperatures rises during the summer it is advised to take loose clothing along with at least one winter wear -a light jacket or a shawl, as there can be chill in the morning & evening. Loose cotton pyjamas or pants are suggested with one or two full sleeves shirts, T-shirts or tops to protect from insects. For, ladies Punjabi salwar suites if not trousers will be helpful in moving around and taking part in some activity.

For winters:

We would suggest that going by the temperature guidelines; kindly carry adequate winter clothing as per your body needs. There isn’t any central heating system so the clothing should be warm enough. A cap along with gloves will come handy in extreme cold weather. Please remember that you may not get proper heating in the rooms at times so please plan accordingly.


We would advise you to carry with you all the basic medicines for headache, stomach ache, upset stomach, body ache, fever, cough & cold, anti allergic, antibiotics for toothache along with any other medicine which you are used to having on a regular basis as we may not get all the medicines in the interiors. The medicines can be brought along or you may buy them from cities on the way up.


A pair of shoes suitable for walking in the hilly terrain is advisable along with a sleeper or sandals as per personal likings.


Besides your daily needs, please do carry a moisturizer as the skin may turn dry because of the weather. In summers, may need to carry a prickly heat powder, mosquito repellent & a deodorant too.

Other accessories:

A small torch will be handy if power goes off or whilst negotiating a path during nights.

You may carry a token gift for your hosts though not very costly as that helps in building the bond and its also a tradition.

Carry a small notebook & a pen to jot down your experiences.

If you want to take your memories further, take your camera with a spare set of batteries.


As we shall move into a conservative society it becomes important for us to respect their way of living. After discussing with our past guests we would like to share few points and we request our guests to kindly keep following points in mind during the stay:

Avoid public display of affection to your companion or with the local people.

Do not defecate or urinate near water source.

Do not use your finger or serving spoon for tasting the food.

For ladies, it is advisable that they wear concealing clothing & avoid wearing clothes like shorts, short skirts or spaghetti tops. Please do not feel offended. We are just facilitating you to be a part of the group. Incorrect clothing can make you feel isolated.

Please respect the values, believes, culture and religion of your hosts and the people of the locality.

Please feel free to ask your host questions about their customs, culture etc as this will not only enhance your awareness but also help in enhancing your relationship.

While planning your trip do consider referring to the inputs provided by us in the section what to carry.

The only prerequisites for volunteering with R.O.S E are:

* Patience and willingness to learn , low cost technology / skill and knowledge sharer, helper and supporter.

* Flexibility and adaptability ,obedient to host.

* Honesty and respect for local lifestyles don’t create problem for the host family and community.

* A sense of humours ! Don’t doing antisocial activities. Living civilized way.

* Don’t show western culture and wearing proper dress.

* Don’t drink Alcohol / Wine and don’t smoke hemp .

* After dinner go to bed ,keep quite don’t shouting, Don’t disturb any person .



ROSE offers an array of opportunities to self motivated volunteers It is a real experience in community life Opportunities include:

Living with a family, as part of a local community / world wide family, and having a real experience of a rural Indian lifestyle.

Being involved in teaching school children, organic farming and learning about bio diversity and cottage industries, including construction and protection of local Environment.

Enjoying the tranquillity and beautiful scenery of an organic agricultural village in the foothills of the Himalayas, or taking time out to explore the Himalayas on one of the many Treks in the Kanda area. Learning Hindi or Kumaoni and enjoying unique Kumaoni cuisine.

Developing self confidence social awareness, and having fun!

Any other issues during stay is subject to Indian jurisdiction.


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