About Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Peoples

Generosity Is The Most Eminent Characteristics Of Uttrakhand People

Uttarakhand is a special tourist attraction spot, which is gaining worldwide popularity nowadays. Moreover, people are mostly referred as Pahari over here and they are the most generous and friendly people of the lot. As they reside in the hilly region, therefore; the name Pahari is given to the native people. Moreover, they are also known as Pahari as the location of Uttarakhand is situated at the Himalayan foothills. There are mainly two major areas, which are going to be focused in this zone, and those are Kumaon and Garhwal. The people of Uttarakhand mostly refer the places as Kumaoni and Garhwali.


Tribal people also exist

Apart from residents from Kumaon and Garhwal region, Uttarakhand is also known for offering the best possible services related with tribal zone. Some of the tribal groups here are Marcha, Jadh, Tolcha, Shauka, Tharu, Bhotia, Buksha, Juansari, Gujjar and also Raji. These people are located in various parts of Uttarakhand and are associated with various occupations.


Caste wide divisions are associated

When the main area of concern is related with caste wise distinctions, then people of Uttarakhand can be divided into various segments, like Khasi Brahmin, Kol Doms, migrant Brahmin, Immigrant Rajput and there are more associated with the same list. You might even come across various other caste systems like Bhotias, and other similar zones. On the other hand, Kol Doms can be defined as thelowest caste segment and they are too poor in nature. They do not have any land of their own and cannot afford to buy one. Therefore, they are mainly bound to serve the Rajput Landlords and are appointed for doing farming in their regions.


Rajputs are the high classed people

Rajputs are the high esteemed class and also have their own lands. Moreover, the Brahmins arealso respected for their ritual performance as Uttarakhand is a land of the religious shrines. Other than the above mentioned tribes, Uttarakhand also comprises of Nepalis, Punjabis, Tibetans and also Bengalis. The people of Uttarakhand are known for following various religious beliefs, without hurting the feeling of any individual.


Majority religious values to follow

Even though you can find of various religious residing in the same place, still the maximum religion, which is followed in this regard, is Hinduism. This is followed by Islam beliefs. Some of the other religious forums, which are followed by people of Uttarakhand, are Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and also Jainism. There are other religious as well, but the followers try to keep the practices quite secretive.